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who are we?

  • ● A German Brand which is called“Mercedes-Benz”in garment CAM industry with technical experiences accumulated for over 80 years.

Who we want?

  • ● Talent Standard: First---Personality, Second---Ability, Third---Education; Education and Seniority are not the only criteria, your position is depended by ability.
  • ● Talent Mechanism: open recruitment, job bidding(95% of the members in bullmer management team are decided job bidding).
  • ● Talent Reserving Mechanism: Personnel system---system comes above the general manager; Affection Retaining--- Employee care system, worker children schooling, worker assist fund; Remuneration---sound salary system, stock owned by core employee, house-buying support plan, vehicle distribution plan.
  • ● people we do not seek: who are unfilial to parents, discord with sibling, dishonest to others, change the name and telephone frequently, without present to commonweal.

What do we offer?

  • ● “spiral”career plan

    ● Sound Salary and Welfare System:

    Statutory Welfare: Insurance and Housing Fund Company Welfare: vehicle distribution plan, stock option incentive, birthday cake, Marriage present, Difficulty support, Children schooling, Training, apartment with AC&Water heater, housing allowance, lunch allowance(according to the area).

  • ● Comprehensive training system

    Company has built a three-level training management system, and hold the concept that”Knowledge is an investment never depreciate”. Based on various requirements and career paths of workers in different positions, the company has organized two training systems, one is horizontal system for managerial expertise and another is vertical system for professional expertise.

    Bullmer attaches training to every period in workers’ career path from the very day of enrollment.

  • Bullmer has built an network knowledge platform to continually integrate and improve various study platforms, including online, offline, video course, and micro-learning in multiple channels--- hand-phone, computer,etc. Besides, other colorful learning activities---Reading Club, Training salon and Reading Share meeting, have enhanced the construction of learning organization.


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